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KSI Vs. Logan Paul: YouTube Star PewDiePie Says There Will Be

ksi logan paul vedonlyöntiBoth KSI and Logan Paul have a YouTube and social media following, that far exceeds star athletes such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Floyd Mayweather or Serena Williams. Following the script of all boxing mega-fights, KSI vs Logan Paul has been amplified by the bad blood shared between the two social media stars and their respective diehard fan bases.

KSI Vs Logan Paul

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KSI and Logan Paul are going head to head in a boxing match for the ages and fans everywhere are already getting hyped for what will be the biggest YouTube event of all time!

Unibetin tarjoukset, kampanjat, kilpailut ja bonukset

ksi logan paul vedonlyöntiKSI punched a face ‘Logan Paul’ cake in the face ahead of their press conference. In case this fight couldn’t get any weirder, KSI is taking some practice shots on a cake before his fight

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KSI is a YouTube gamer in the U.K. Jake Paul is a daily vlogger living in Los Angeles. Before last week, they didn’t have much reason to interact with each other. No reason to feud. No reason to

No Joke Coral taking KSI vs Logan Paul very seriously!

ksi logan paul vedonlyöntiPewDiePie has waded into the hype surrounding the biggest YouTube fight of the year, branding opponents Logan Paul and KSI "scumbags". Video blogging titans Paul and KSI will go head-to-head in


ksi logan paul vedonlyöntiYes, and he should be favored in the fight. Logan Paul was a 2x State Placer in the sport of wrestling. He went to college on a wrestling scholarship. https://youtu

Logan Paul AGREES to fight KSI as YouTube sensations - mirror

PewDiePie has released a lengthy video giving his thoughts on the KSI vs Logan Paul boxing match and the recent YouTube drama between the two - and had some harsh words for both fighters.

Jake Paul Vs. KSI: A Timeline of the YouTubers’ Feud

Logan Paul and KSI nearly got into a brawl last weekend as they talked trash to each other during the press conference for their Aug. 25 fight in Manchester, England. PewDiePie wasn't impressed.

Could Logan Paul beat KSI? - Quora

ksi logan paul vedonlyöntiKSI vs Logan Paul tensions rise at after party as YouTubers clash ahead of boxing match. Tobi Akingbade Thursday 14 Jun 2018 5:04 pm. Share this article via facebook Share this article via twitter

KSI vs Logan Paul tensions rise at after party as YouTubers

ksi logan paul vedonlyöntiDear KSI and Logan Paul, I came across an article by Senior Tech Reporter Shona Ghosh recently when it was published on the Business Insider website at the end of July. News about online celebrities doesn’t particularly interest me but it was the author’s abstract which caught my attention in this case: “YouTuber Logan Paul called out KSI for his ‘disgusting’ remarks about women, and